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12 May
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You can call me Minako_TBC. nice to meet all of you!. I'm and Earth Sign. I love reading Fanfiction. I soon wanted to start and account on Fanfiction.net but that wasn't not possible. so I've come hear I love Doujinshi. and music. love doing my own thing.

Zack x Cloud is Love

Favort Anmie-
Sailor Moon-all the seasons. (got to love them...funny but some what cute).
.Hack//Sign-Uh...don't eh really know but nice fanfiction, sometimes.
Tenchi Mayo- Cute and funny somtimes serious and sometimes not.
Soul Taker- Wow wonderfully done but kind of serious one.
Lain-Kind of odd but nice to see sometimes (Kind of vary odd ending...)
Gun Grave- Yes I see some new hints there maybe a fic well be in the near future.
Read Or Die R.O.D. tv- love the Anmie it is cute and funny saw some hints of some couples.
Star Ocean EX- Yep got to love it I see lot of hints in this one make me want to do a fic...

Reno x Cloud is Amusing Love

Favort Games-
Final Fantasy- love them all (Yes sadly to say I'm also and Final Fantasy girl...who isn't?!)
Genso Suikoden- Yes got to love them also (Yes another thing I love Suikoden, even the new one coming out SS4.)
Star Ocean- The 2nd Story, and Star Ocean Til the End of Time. (Yes love there stories and the gameing time...)
And many more If I can remeber them...hahah...eh.

Favort Paring- don't have any YET but Soon I well If I like them I'll Review.

Made by Cosmo_Queen
Fayt x Albel is Complex Love

Favort Song- Song Of The Prayer- Final Fantasy 10.Piano Verson.
2nd Favort Song-Suteki da Ne- Piano Verson. and non Piano Verson Japanese Singer- Rikki.
3rd- Favort Song- 1000's Words- Final Fantasy 10-X2.
4th Favort Song- Eyes On Me- Final Fantasy 8.
5th Favort Song- Eternity (Memory of lightwaves) Final Fantasy 10-X2.
6th Favort Song- Pure Heart Aeris Song- Final Fantsy 7 Japanese Singer- Rikki.
7th Favort Song- To the Light Full Version- Star Ocean EX.
8th Favort Song- Hemisphere- RahXephon.

Silver hair is love.

I love em. there songs and music.

Aeris x Cloud is Eternal Love

Well See you guys later. well see.