Hahah! I was Right!.

I WAS right Lighting is Based off Cloud!...So Final Fantasy 13 is a female Version of Cloud!.
But Mannn that guy from Final Fantasy 13 Ver. is hot he kind of reminds me of that guy from Naruto and Haseo from .Hack O_O

But yeah I felling extra happy today man It's been so long since I've updated I almost Forgot About this place haha...eh so yeah Go to Amazon to per order Final Fantasy 13!. I'm SO going to
Need that game need slash hotness hum I think I'll set up a slash couple Crossover Well be Vary Nice Need to talk to asukai about it since she the only one doing fics and the others Seem To vanish on me...so yeah this is a mini update Now what did I do with that Star Ocean 3 Fic?
I think I lost it *Cries*... not unles I do a Crossover now what should I do?...
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Need Ides for Fic01.

My part of Fic it kind of 'Meh' right?.
Title:Obey One Orders!.
Rating: M.
Warnings (such as death-fic, rape, etc):Romance/Dharma/Jealousy.
Summary:Master owner Fic. As the Infinity Eight Phases(Gods) are being hunt down by the Team ‘TSN’ as it was the wish of Lady Aura. As the Infinity Eight are Unbalanced and unstable as ‘Humans’ as it up to the ‘TSN’ to help them.
Critique Wanted: Yes/No?
Dedication:To...what else?. Beside to- twilight_light
Anything Else:Crossover ya! uh .Hack//Sign.

Please own Me!Collapse )

*Get whacked in the head*
I run out of Ideas...for Part1. I well explain Kite and BlackRose history a bit more. and added some more players in the next one should I make Ovan Good or Evil??.
And well Kite ever see Haseo in the Maid outfit?!...really up to you guys...Should I make it really a Master Slave Fic??...or go with the flow?. or how about getting them both Drunk??...Need more Ideas...
So yeah read if you must. I try a bit...even if it did Suck go a head say it lol.

I just wanted to say hello and enjoy okay?. So this make me in a Drunk mood...(I'm really not but!...you know)
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PS3...who can't wait?.


Varrrry long time since I updated...I almost forgot about this place. lol. vary late time also.

Man I can't wait for PS3!...who can't?!. since I'm a Final Fantasy fan who isn't?!...but sadly I had money to save for that thing and now...SO long of waiting it seems my money is gone don't ask how becuse I have no answer for that qustion. but it looks like I might be one of those people who wait longer until it drops the price down dame it oh well no crying over split ends...might as well buy Final Fantasy 12...or play a Good RPG game or something or go see if my online freinds are on or Join a group or something...ugh this is making my head hurt.
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Final Fantasy 13!

I can't get enough of Final Fantasy one of my loves.
but this one looks bitter then...
Final Fantasy 12. sorry to say but the main player is an girl but she kind of reminds me of...
Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7...Or it my eyes...but she fight like Yuna From Final Fantsy 10X2. and she also has an gunblade like thing From Final Fantasy 8. no let me say this agin. the main player is a girl that looks between Yuna and Cloud! AHHHHH! fanfiction hitting my mind...geez too bad her eyes didn't glow like Mako or else this would be an good Crossover fic. god I can't wait for Fina Fantasy 13 to come out it looks so fun. although it going to be on the PS3...dame that things going to cost about $600 for that but would it be woth it I don't know but I'm thinking about it. but looking at her I know that spiky hair come back or they made an female verson of Cloud...*Cough* but anyhow go take an look and see for you're safe.

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Nope nothing No Idea...

Nope I have nothing to say about my Fic...I think I've run out of emotions to finish Star Ocean. one but I do have an thought of an crossover I did promise someone from KadajXCloud group but it would be with the new .Hack game coming out and thanks to asukai she given me scrans of the manga she got online It just make me want to do an crossover as I always sad I love doing crosovers. dame it I would be still into Star Ocean if it wasn't for you asukai and you're dame .Hack news...but no you just had to show me and ask to use my account at Photobucket thing...oh well I well try and be faithful to Star Ocean group but yeah now I do want to make an account over at Dothackers place but nah I'll wait an bit longer for that but nothing new to say now if only kartai would stop talking about Suikoden 5 fics...but I never did play Suikoden 5. hump I think one new game is enough it bad enough that My online freind got me hooked on doing an couple win the game it not out in the US! so yeah I'm just talking to my safe it seems...but yeah that my new info for now.
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Story Time!...Frist Fic ever done.

Hello eveone yes this is my 1st Fic I was talking about doing one long ago. so hear it is.

Title- Christmas Sprit.

Christmas Sprit.

This is an Star Ocean Till the end of time Fic. Other wise known as SO3. I don’t own it so don’t sue me!.

Story- A Christmas Party held on the Diplo. As can every find a gift as the Christmas Sprit is starting to make eveone fell differently and act like they never acted before.

Warnings- SLASH. Romance/Humor. Rate-M.

Couples- LeiberXMaria, CliffXMirage, NelXClair, AlbelXFayt, SteegXMarietta,
Hints- MariettaXLeiber, MariaXSophia, SteegXMirage,


Winter Blues.

Part 1.

Normal POV.

As it was Rush hour at the Diplo as eveone was acting rather oddly because it was so close to Christmas as people was always using the Workshops to making the perfect gift fore someone they loved.

Eveone except an certain Ex-Caption of the Black Brigade. As trying to get alone time with a certain keeper of Destruction was harder then fighting Luther. As he would not admitted to the others that he spent late nights working in the Workshop just like any love sick person on the Diplo making the idea perfect gift fore the one he did love eve if he might not show it. As before he would not act on such emotions as the idea of giving a gift to someone that you loved made him fell sick but once he saw the one he did care about being palled around by Alteration and Connection first off he was Jealousy that he would never admitted. He starts rethinking about giving Fayt the Idea of Perfect Gift and why give a gift only to Fayt it was simple Fayt was the only person Albel really cared about beside being over protective of him true it was and Tempting Idea to Tie Fayt up and not let anyone have him but he got and strong idea that Fayt would protest about that but he had methods to silence him.

Well Albel wasn’t the only one thinking about giving the Idea perfect gift. As Fayt was always being palled around by Maria or Sophia…what surprised him that Sophia admitted to him that she had other emotions fore the Leader of Quark Maria and that she was afraid of telling her true Maria and Sophia always agued over the every little thing to do with Christmas. Well Fayt was planning on how to get Maria and Sophia tougher but he got the felling Albel wanted some time alone with him since they never had time alone since Christmas party start to go plan it was either Maria or Sophia or even Cliff that palled him off to go Christmas shopping. True Fayt was staying up later then he should working with Gusto and Boyd. To make the Perfect weapon fore Albel well Fayt could not think of anything Technology that Albel well Destroy like Caller Phones…Toasters…ect. As they say Technology and Albel didn’t mix well So Fayt thought he might as well give him an weapon…or some Amour but fore Fayt to hope Albel used it wisely was out of the question.

As Maria was Avoiding the Love sick Leiber making his undying love fore her or tying to she wasn’t blinded she knew that Leiber loved her but true she thought it was cute yet in it annoying way but later on she didn’t know how to brake it to Leiber she didn’t love him that way. Maybe as a older brother but not sexual way. As her fights with Sophia Esteed always intrigued her made her fell funny in the inside as the Burnet was Cheerful Sophia was not Serious she never meet anyone like Sophia. Cheerful even in battle true The keeper of Connection was always palling Fayt around she was always clingy to Fayt as Maria got the Idea that and cretin Wicked one didn’t like that at all it didn’t help much that she went to Fayt fore help also. To get more Ideas on Sophia yet Maria hoped that Fayt didn’t think that much about her Questions on Sophia likes and dislikes sure Maria always thought of Sophia as an friend but lately those emotions start coming different to her maybe she should talk To Fayt about those Emotions since the keeper of Destruction known love.

Cliff wasn’t a genus win it come to Gifts as his one true lady he love and always was there fore her Mirage as he was trying to act noble around her that didn’t work much either as he thought of one person to help with his gifts Fayt. Since he was always being palled around by Sophia or Maria so he thought Fayt would be good in giving gifts to women. Boy was he in fore an surprised as he ask Fayt what he given to his Girlfriend fore Christmas the blue hair boy did Blush and talk about Albel an lot. That Confused Cliff an lot so he dismissed that as he told Fayt about Mirage as Fayt told him to give a gift to the heart…did Fayt mean making a gift…by Crafting?. Sure he suck at Crafting but once he saw Steeg making an hand made Gift fore his Mirage all hell broke lose he was determent to make an Gift fore his lady love he would not let Steeg win. So maybe with the help of Aqua&Evia, and Chilco. He can make the perfect Gift fore Mirage and pray that Mirage would love it.

Mirage was Intrigued how eveone on the Diplo was acting. She saw it all Fayt being palled around by Sophia and Maria and she saw how Albel acted win that happen even if he don’t show it Mirage saw it. As Mirage suspected that Fayt and Albel was more then Friends but what made her surprised that Cliff was looking murderess at Steeg one day she wasn’t blinded by that either she knew Cliff like her but Cliff always seem to avoid being tied down to love true Steeg was talking to her about home made gifts and his cretin crush on Marietta but she got the Idea Cliff taken that the wrong way as she saw the way Maria was acting around Sophia she knew Maria like her own daughter they didn’t get alone at first but soon she felt happy that Maria felt love but she got the Idea Cliff had no Idea or saw how Maria was acting… that maybe she should talk to Maria what she saw or maybe Nel can help with this.

Nel was surprised but she would never show it as the Idea of giving an gift to someone they love was something new to her one person she thought of was her long time lover Clair as she was happy that Cliff left her alone fore now true the older man made comments and did flirt with her and lot but she knew that he wasn’t serious about it. Maybe she should ask Fayt about brining Clair hear fore the Christmas party since they was getting ready fore it. But Nel could not help fell smirked how eveone was rushing around on the Diplo even Albel the Wicked was acting oddly she would use that info if he ever come and treating her agin that she knew was anytime soon. But seeing Maria, Cliff, Sophia drag Fayt around picking gifts Idea did make her think about what to give to Clair as she smiled she was starting to like this new Holiday it made eveone fell love in the inside she only wish Clair was there to see how eveone was acting it was amusing in it own way.

As Leiber was Furious how could Fayt be so dame importing to his love Maria. True he was Jealous and angry win Maria palled him along no he would not lose Maria would be his he was trying to get Maria alone but she seems to be avoiding him did This keeper of Destruction have anything to do with this as Leiber had the right mind to go and have a talk to Fayt but fore some odd reason he go the felling that one of the Elicoorians would not like it manly that Albel guy it happened before win Leiber tried to yell at Fayt fore being to much time with Maria fore some odd reason Albel was vary protective about Fayt this confused Leiber because he thought Fayt was seeing Maria and Sophia because he knew Maria had emotions fore Fayt. And that always made him angry he loved Maria and he was upset that Fayt always got to spend more time with her the he did.

As Steeg was Avoiding an upset Cliff he knew Cliff got the wrong Idea about him and Mirage but he knew it was useless to talk to the Klausian as he would of went of Fayt fore Help but he saw how Maria and Sophia drag him around so he went to Mirage fore help that was his mistake maybe he should of went to Nel or Sophia… as Steeg knew Leiber was upset about Fayt being around Maria but he knew the fury young man could not understand how close Fayt was to Albel the agin Leiber would not believe it he was too into that Fayt was going to steal Maria away. Then agin Steeg was surprised how Maria was looking at Sophia or how they ague over evething. As Steeg was wondering if anyone else saw all the hints flying around the Diplo but he knew his chance with Marietta was hard because he knew that she loved Leiber who loved Maria and she loved Sophia…and now Cliff thinks that he loves Mirage…oh how the tangle web they make he was starting to be glade that Christmas only comes one time an year…

Sophia loved Christmas she that was always her favorite holiday. But lately her emotions fore Maria was making her fell funny so she comfort to her childhood friend Fayt about it no surprised that he understood it since he was dating the Cold infested Albel Nox. She was happy that Fayt found someone to love even on the out side she always looked a bit clingy and flirty around Fayt she was not and she knew fore a fact that Albel didn’t like that even if he did tell her to stay away From Fayt she would not but every time she agued with Maria she felt hurt a tiny bit she didn’t know how to handle this new emotion it was stronger what she felt fore Fayt and it scared her so she thought Fayt wound have an Idea about giving Maria and perfect gift of course Fayt would tease her about Maria that would make her blush win they went Shopping of course she would tease him about Albel things was always so perfect this time of year she loved Christmas it always brought the best out of people.

Marietta was going to make her emotions show she loved Leiber true she was Jealousy over the fact that he loved Maria her long time friend but she was in awe how people was acting around the Diplo but she could not hate Maria fore making Leiber love her but she saw that Maria had no emotions fore Leiber that way. But as Steeg told her about the love tangle going around Diplo fist off she was shocked. Leiber loved Maria who loved Sophia who loved Fayt who loved Albel… or at lest she thought that how it worked she knew Sophia was clingy to Fayt but also she saw Maria go to talk to Fayt also…evething was just confusing to her but she knew one thing she loved Leiber and Steeg was acting oddly over that…


Yes This is Part 1. some more Serious stuff like Kissing amd such and more Romance well come in part 2. I'm not sure if I well have Albel tie Fayt up and how Fayt is going to get Maria and Sophia as a couple. as Cliff well find out about Fayt and Albel later on. and his emotions Fore Mirage well get stronger. so part 2 might have an tiny bit of Dharma in it. I just did this a few min ago. so I might have part 2. up soon. and part 2 might be a bit longer so bare with me. why do an Fic now?. Easy I'm Pretest win I do a CloudXKadaj Fic and that might be an Crossover so win I get this one done I might start on a Final Fantasy 7 AC Crossover...so if you guys love and hate this well I did a Fic...somthing I thought I would never do. *Sweet Drops* so the best thing is that I tried. so except 2 up soon or by the end of 2005 before new year. oh yeah Part 2 well not be like this it well be and Stander Fic might be a bit bitter then this one. but see you guys agin soon.

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Final Fantasy 7 AC Talk about love...

Hi agin.

Yes I'm here to talk about my Favorite movie is FF7 AC. the ending made me almost cry...but the ending had me kind of angry I wish that Cloud would of died it would of been new and please don't hate me fore thinking like that but I wanted him to be with Aeris yes sadly to say I'm a CloudXAeris fan but I'm also a TifaXCloud and CloudXKadaj/Sephiroth fan, I do like Tifa don't get me wrong some times I do enjoy a bit of CloudXTifa that only happens once a wale. even if Anti-Aeris and Anti-Tifa fans don't get along I like both of them yes I'm odd enough to like TifaXAeris as a couple I think they would make a cute couple. if people know me they would know I kind of go both ways on who Cloud loves at one point he can love Tifa, another point he could love Aeris and some other point he could love Kadaj. I know I'm a girl who loved a Good Fanfiction I don't care who Cloud is pair with as long as the story is good. but what I loved to see is put Cloud in a hose with Tifa, Aeris and Kadaj/Sephiroth, and watch them fight over him that would be cute!...lol. but yeah I wish that happen in the movie the movie is good vary good Final Fantasy fans should really see it even if it has lot of hints of diffrent couples it still a vary good movie. but in the end I did kind of wish Cloud got to meet Aeris agin and they would hug and kiss...or I wished that Cloud would of kissed Kadaj win he was dying that would of been wroth it as fore Tifa I think he did still love her but would not act on it yeah poor Tifa...so you can see I really don't have a serious love couples in FF7AC I think I'll never well ah...I can't wait fore the movie to be in the U.S. even if I did have the Japanese ver. I want the english one also. so thanks fore listing to me.
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Ugh!...I think this is not right...Quiz...

Come on! dose this sound like me?...I'm not dark I'm not...drawn to darkness nor Am I like have a lot of pain in my body well at lest Kartai ask me to take this she did not tell me what kind of *Ture Rune* she got at lest I'm not alone *sigh* 43 other people got this so here it is.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Which Suikoden True Rune Are You Compatible With?
brought to you by Quizilla

Dame this make me want to do a Genos Suikoden Fic now. at Tir's POV. since The RP is not going and .Hack//G.U., info nothing new there so What's a Girl to do?...or I can do a Crossover I love Crossovers! people should know that by now so Im kind of bored..or I can go play my PS2 or PSP...and get some Ideas of a fic or do something else I wish something would happen.
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SO3 RP. 9th...

Well it looks like I'm in 9th place do we have to go in that way? or Do I have to wait fore me to be called well I think this is bitter then wishing fore .Hack//G.U., to come out right now at lest this give me something to do well I'm not doing a fic. yet but one day I well do one if this works out good. but being *Maria* I've got to get more info I can try to be her soemtimes she cold some times she don't let anyone see her emotions but in a deep way she is vary nice person that well that what I think...they finally stated and I was kind of off line but now I'm back on so I kind of missed win they post it was starting but I think I'll be on fore now on but what and ware did eveone go who doing all the RP?...did they forget it?...make me wonder...
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Yeah I get to play in the SO3 RP.

Yeah this well give me something to do. as Maria well it no harm done yet. but this is going to be so much fun.

Maria : "You are happy that good news that means nothing bad well happen"
Minako: "Oh you worry to much. nothing going to happen yet..."
Maria : "Yet...once agin I well say I hope I do nothing silly. or nothing to Embarrass my safe"
Minako: "You'll be fine as Long as I don't make you a lone wolf"
Maria: "As we pray that well never happen"

Well you get the Idea. now I just need a new Maria Icon. maybe if hikarikaru can help me I would find one that easy. well this take me off .Hack//G.U., fore now but I'll still love them both.
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